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“Watch Me Work Now” 4.2% ABV

A 4.2% ABV Gose with huge notes of tangerine, citrus and a lime popsicle flavor on the palate initially and mid sip followed by a dry, salty finish and grapefruit rind notes arising in the aftertaste.

“Electric City” 4.5% ABV

Soured with lactobacillus, loaded with citra hops, pale wheat malt and fresh mango puree added post fermentation.At 4.5% ABV Electric city is slightly tart with a huge punch of Mango and downright refreshing!

"Crack of the Rock" 4.8% ABV

This is a refreshing, pale golden American blonde ale with a light, malty profile.  Featuring hints of biscuit/bready notes and a balanced, dry finish. Czech base malt and American hops 4.8% ABV

“Beyond the Haze” 5.8% ABV

This 5.8% ABV New England-Style IPA pours a hazy lemon yellow with a huge, creamy foam. The bold aromatics of ripe mango and pineapple juice carry on into the flavour of the beer which blends nicely with the piney and subtle lime juice flavour that is present. Beyond the Haze is a full bodied beer with a minimal amount of bitterness to help cleanse the palate.

“Keep On The Low Road” 6.0% ABV

U.K Specialty malts create waves of deep sweet malt character of dark chocolate, toffee and caramel in this 6.0% ABV robust porter. The sweet notes are well balanced with the roasty and slightly burnt characteristics also noted on the palate.  A big, flavourful beer with a soft, full-bodied mouthfeel that is worthy to consume all year long!

"A Diversion In Life" & "This Moment Is"

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